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We at zilpa strongly believe "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning" children learn 90% of their life skills in their childhood and this can be beautifully achieved with fun-filled open-ended toys. 

when I realized the important role of playtime for children I wanted to gift my niece toys that will actually help her grow in the early stages of childhood but when I tried finding them in Bangalore markets and stores I got nothing but a disappointment, which made us start searching and learning various options available online and offline in meanwhile I started reading various blogs and articles on Waldorf and Montessori ways, actually it is not just a way of education but a lifestyle for the child.

The Montessori Method also emphasizes on using natural materials that are safe and enjoyable, while giving the child an endless opportunity to explore. The tactile sensation the child has while running his/her hands on a wooden object is something amazing. Wooden toys also present a direct connection to the natural world for children.

With  months of research, leaving no stone unturned, and a determination to provide unique hand-crafted wooden toys that are completely child safe and  accessible to all – ZILPA is now up and running, hoping to bring joy and happiness into many homes.

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