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Balance Board

The Solid Balance board is an open-ended toy. It is a Waldorf-inspired plaything that can be many things - especially to a child. It is a balance board, a rocking saddle, a slide, a bridge, a tunnel, a balance beam, a stool, a catapult... a rocker board! It is a natural, solid wood, Waldorf-inspired, open-ended toy - a simple plaything made by hand - with care.


How to play? 

The Balance board is played in many different ways as a child grows up and becomes a part of the home. 


Toddlers crawl over it, using it as a ramp, and even (try) to crawl under it. they sit on it, and feel its rocking motion, slowly increasing the pace of their rocking as they grow in comfort and confidence. 


from age 1.5 to 7 years.....they have entered the world of imaginative play and the balance board being such a simple and open-ended form, can be interpreted by them in many ways and throws open many possibilities for imaginative play. we've seen it being used in hundreds of different ways - a boat, a tunnel, a race car, a parking space and shelter, a slide... the possibilities are limitless


7 years old and above...even older kids and adults use the balance board plenty - some children enjoy motion while doing things - reading, studying - and the balance board gives them this ability to rock while they work. 


in Waldorf pedagogy, the "sense of balance" is one of the 4 foundational senses. the foundational senses are the ones that prepare children for later learning and life. the sense of balance works towards giving children a sense of mastery over their own bodies, and an understanding of their bodies in space.

since being "imbalanced" helps draw attention to all parts of the body and various muscle groups, these unique curvy boards were designed to help children develop balance, posture, poise and give them a greater awareness of their bodies and movements. 

this basic body mastery is essential to prepare not only the body but also the brain for later learning. 

we've also seen it being used as a footrest, a tabletop (with plenty of legroom), and a stool to reach high places :) 


it really is a wonderfully dynamic toy that grows with a child and makes every home a little more playful! 

Balance Board

SKU: bb
  • Suitable age: 3+

    Material used:  Natural Wood

    Dimentions : 820L*30.5W*21H



    • They provide a great form of exercise as your child rocks, balances, and climbs the board
    • increasing strength and core stability, improving balance and reflexes, fostering gross motor coordination and weight distribution
    • developing spatial awareness and proprioception

    A wooden balance board is a fantastic, open-ended resource that can really inspire all types of imaginative and constructive play. While adults sometimes only see a curved piece of wood, a child will see a:

    • Slide
    • Bridge
    • Tunnel to crawl under
    • Seesaw
    • Boat
    • Bed
    • Rocker
    • Ramp for their cars
    • Wall for their pretend house
    • Mountain to climb
    • Foundation for their block tower
    • Cot for their doll
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